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Many people understand how essential diet and exercise is to health, and the message is loud and clear, whether it is through the media, doctors, or health publications. However, one thing is clear: many people view massages as a luxury instead of a necessity. Despite this, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that massaging one’s muscles is essential to health. This, of course, is amplified when one is a professional athlete, although massages are beneficial to anyone’s health, regardless of age, gender, or situation.

Timtam Massage

That’s why companies like TimTam have been so successful. Of course, in terms of credibility, the company has more than enough of it. The integral members of the company have a deep understanding of how important physical health is, with one being Kelly Starrett, an author and physical therapist who is a leading authority in the field. The other two are both martial arts champions in their own right – Firas Zahabi is a former Canadian Muay Thai champion and George St. Pierre is recognized as one of the best and most well-rounded MMA fighters in the world. Between these three, there is a lot of knowledge, which is they their company is able to develop the kinds of technologies that consumers trust more than the competition. TimTam will forever have a competitive edge because of the credibility of these figures, but the fact that they also develop top-notch products is the icing on the cake.

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The company has all sorts of massages, gels, and accessories, that can help with those who live the athlete lifestyle, or are simply trying to recover from an injury. You can read TimTam massager comparison in Shape’s article. Here are some examples of the products that you can find on TimTam’s website:

Timtam Knee Massage

  • The TimTam Pulse Massager utilizes different pulse and intensity types to make the experience as customizable for the user as possible, and doesn’t require a wire, for maximum portability and convenience.
  • The TimTam Power Massager does a great job of increasing blood flow, and remains one of the most popular and durable products that the company offers. It is also perfect at getting rid of those pesky knots.
  • The company’s gliding gel does a great job of moisturizing and lubricating skin.

Why TimTam?

There are many other advantages to becoming a customer of the company, and here are some reasons why one might be interested:

  • First, the shipping is free on orders over $100 in the US and Canada, which shows how transparent the company is when it comes to fees.
  • TimTam offers discount for military personnel and students, as they understand that they might be on a budget, but shouldn’t be denied the access to these products.
  • TimTam also offers military products, which is thoughtful, considering they might need the more products more than others, because of an injury that they experienced.
  • The company is highly reviewed, indicating that they are dedicated to ensuring that the customer is satisfied in every way possible.

Timtam Products

TimTam is a company that is perfect for all sorts of individuals who strain their body – whether they are athletes, coaches, or others who simply need to recover in some form or fashion. The consumer can sign up for a newsletter to stay on top of potential discounts, news, and promotions, as well. Since it is a lifestyle brand, they even offer additional products, such as leggings, hats, backpacks, and shirts. Don’t forget to use the TimTam coupon code to get at least a 10% discount on all products.

Video Review

For those that are unsure on how the products work, there is even an “education” section to ensure that every potential customer is fully informed, and the sleek website is certainly welcoming to those that visit. You can see TimTam recovery review on Martialartsplanet’s Forum.

No matter what physical recovery product you are looking for, TimTam is certainly a company to check out! Read also about Housatonic Valley Alliance (HVCA).